Let’s face it, mobile isn’t taking over, it already has. There is a wealth of verified statistics on the web that show the mobile smart phone is king when it comes to the internet of things. From mobile web browsing, text messaging, integrated apps, and now email, we need to continue to ensure that our digital marketing collateral is optimized and adaptable to this environment. Doing so will only increase desired marketing results.

According to a Constant Contact and Chadwick Martin Bailey study, about three-quarters of consumers are likely to delete emails that they have a hard time reading on mobile devices. That is astronomical! What’s even crazier, is that number is climbing almost every day.

If that eye-opening statistic isn’t enough to get recoding your “desktop-only” email designs, check out this real-world study from the email marketing experts over at Email-on-Acid. In a nutshell, they teamed up with Stream Companies, an advertising agency that has been implementing Montgomeryville Nissan’s e-mail marketing since 2007. They determined that over 40% of their own subscribers are opening their email campaigns on mobile devices. Enlightened with that information, Stream Companies converted Montgomeryville Nissan’s existing email templates to be fully responsive.

The results below were completed by implementing three 50/50 split tests over a month’s time. This quote was taken from the Email-on-acid study:

“They randomly selected 50% of the list to get the new responsive template and for 50% of the list to get the non-responsive template. Every other element of the two emails being tested were identical (i.e. from name, from address, promotional content and subject lines), the only change was that one email was mobile-friendly and the other was not.”

As you will see, the responsive emails dominated:

Test # 1:

  • 7% higher open rate
  • 16% higher CTR

Test #2:

  • 148% higher open rate
  • 6% higher CTR

Test #3:

  • 48% higher open rate
  • 43% higher CTR

It is safe to say that the days of having “responsive email design” are no longer a luxury, but an absolute requirement. If you are one of those companies that are still using the old “desktop-friendly” email templates and are ready to move to responsive design, we encourage to you contact us today! We will be more than happy to have a quick conversation to review your needs. If you haven’t already, head on over to the Web and Digital section of our online portfolio and select “Email Blasts and Newsletter” filter to take a look at some of our recent responsive email designs.

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