Tampa International Airport – Welcome back to Short and Long Term Parking Video

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End-to-end, on-location Video Production

Tampa International Airport commissioned Grafx Design & Digital with producing an integrated advertising campaign to promote its newly renovated Short and Long Term Parking Garages. The integrated campaign featured an array of media tactics including billboards, on-site signage, radio, video, online banner advertising and campaign specific landing pages.

The Tampa International Airport provided its objectives then confidently put the Grafx team to work. The full assignment included campaign messaging development, visual concept design, copywriting, on-location photo/video shoot and creating all media elements required.

Up against an extremely tight deadline (as usual), Grafx went right to work developing and refining the concepts, designing storyboards and organizing the shoot logistics.

The location photo/video shoot went off without a hitch. The weather turned out to be a picturesque Florida-style sunny day. The talent that Grafx scouted effortlessly hit their marks. And the crew worked tirelessly throughout the day regardless of the 5:30am call time.

Campaign development moved along expeditiously in thanks to a well-organized client who provided prompt and efficient feedback and approvals. The Grafx team was able to hit its deadlines and the client offered their regards.

“Thanks again to you and your team for working on our parking campaign. I know it was a little rushed at the beginning, but you guys came through and produced really nice work. The overall reception has been positive so I am certain the analytics will parallel that. Looking forward to working with your team on future projects.”

– Robert Connelly / Tampa International Airport

40 Second Music and Motion Graphics/Copy (no voice)

15 Second Edit with Voice-over

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