Eurest CEO Adress Video

On-site Video, Custom Video Production and Editing

Eurest has over 15,000 employees in almost 2000 locations throughout the United States. The company’s CEO, Tony McDonald, was looking for a new way to reach all of these employee and share news about the company and support the company’s vision for the upcoming quarter. A video address from the CEO to the employees was a decidedly perfect medium to share news and inspire the employees with a personal touch.

The Grafx Design & Digital team was brought in to help cultivate and capture the story. Filmed on location at Eurest’s operation within the Office Depot World Headquarters, Grafx took a simple idea of the CEO speaking into the camera and captured the Eurest employees in action. This provided depth, energy and emotion to the piece. It was fun to see, in person, the behind-the-scenes work that our longstanding client, Eurest, does each and every day.

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