Charley’s Subs – Annual Franchisee Meeting Video

On-site Video, Custom Motion Graphics, Video Editing and Personal Interviews/Testimonials

Grafx provided the client with several services including videography, strategy, copywriting, and graphic design. The event was produced for an audience of over 600 franchisees. The team worked closely with Charley’s to captivate the vision of the company’s message while engaging and educating the audience. The Grafx team took the initial concept from the branding standards established by the company and applied them to interactive video pieces and other convention collateral. In addition, the same concepts were applied to create an engaging and customized Power Point presentation, which was the informative focal point of the convention. Held in Orlando, was the first year Charley’s (along side Grafx) rolled out a campaign to franchisees using dynamic imagery. Our performance exceeded their goals; bringing us a new challenge for next year’s convention.

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