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40 Brand Logos With Hidden Messages

Check out this great article from AdWeek on subliminal messages. Very interesting!

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The Growing Importance of Client Side Programming

Posted on by Nick Bobak

Web design and development is an ever-changing landscape with the core focus of attracting users.

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Franchising…Engage your audience!

Recently, our team completed a series of dynamic video presentations aimed at engaging franchise owners and managers of national restaurants (Checker’s/Rally’s Restaurants and Charley’s Grilled Subs). Their conventions, hosting up to 600 attendees each have now taken a creative approach …

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If You’re Not Pinterest-ed, You May Want To Think Twice

Pinterest, one of the fastest growing social media sites, is starting to gain interest among businesses.

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Your CRM Tool IS your BFF

Many of you, who run your marketing departments, may already realize the importance of your CRM tools. Understanding how they work and how to manage the data is another. One of the biggest challenges today is finding time. Like any program, …

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“Take the Integrated Approach…. DO IT!”

Living in the “digital age” has certainly kept most of us on our toes, trying to keep up with the latest technology. At Grafx Design, we understand the need and importance of multimedia projects and keeping up with the latest …

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The time has come for “Creative SEO”

When we build websites, develop content, manage social media or contract an SEO strategy we realize that today’s search engines aren’t only concerned with “keywords”, but user personalities and relationships. Is it true? Has Google transformed into a reference tool …

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MVC 3 Top 5 Reasons All new development should use it!

5.  Once you Wrap you head around the Razor syntax you can really fly through an application 4.  Entity Framework 4.1, using code first, builds the database for you! 3.  You no longer have to listen to designers complain about …

Upgrade to the iPhone 4s or wait for the iPhone 5

Out of necessity I have upgraded from the 3Gs to the 4s. I have been reading a lot of mixed reviews and would like to get your thoughts.

Google+, Is anyone using it!?

I signed up for Google+ a few weeks back, I set it all up, found some friends, and really haven’t used it since. I have only had a few responses to those friend requests so I am thinking I am …